PROs for Props Makeup Workshops


Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. How much is it? 

Half day Basic Module is P2,500 and includes:

  • Props 28 color palette (shown above)
  • Module booklet

  • Use of makeup and tools buffet during the session

  • Certificate of attendance 

  • P500 off advanced module 

2-day Advanced Module is P5,000 and includes: 

  • 6 bulb portable mirror
  • Use of makeup and tools buffet 
  • Module booklet 
  • Lunch on both days 
  • Photoshoot on the 2nd day to jumpstart your portfolio
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Discount card for Props makeup and tools 

2. Do you have any on-going promo? 

Get 10% off when you confirm (settled 50% non refundable downpayment) your slot at least 7 days nefore your chosen date


15% off when you sign up with a friend!  

3. Where will it be held? 

Finally after 90 batches and 900+ students, we are proud to say that the workshop will now be held at our own studio: 

PROPS, 5th Floor, RFM Corporate Center 109 Pioneer St. Mandaluyong City 

(RFM Corporate Center on Waze or Google Maps)

4. I'm not available on your scheduled weekend batch sessions. When is the next? 

If weekends are too busy for you, you can always book a weekday one on one or group private session with your friends and family (starting August 21 2017)! The module, price, inclusions and set up are exactly the same with the weekend public group sessions.

5. What is the difference between the weekday and weekend sessions?

Weekend public group sessions are often preferred by many just because they get to interact with a lot of different personalities. The module, price, inclusions and set up are exactly the same for both, but with the weekend public group session, you get to also learn from your classmates.  

The weekday one on one or group private sessions (if you want to do this with your friends or family) are advantageous for those who cannot attend the weekend public sessions or prefer to come alone or with their own intimate group.  

6. What is the maximum number of participants per class? 

Whether it be weekday or weekend, our maximum capacity is 15. 

7. Why only 15 participants when others can go up to 20 or more? 

We can go for more. But we CHOOSE to stick with AT MOST 15 because we believe that makeup is a very personal experience. We would hate to make you feel left out in a very big group. Our method of teaching is also very hands on; it would be difficult for us and yourself, and it would take too long if our class is more than 15! Above all, at the end of your class, we want everyone to be well acquainted :) 

8. Do I have to bring anything? 

While we provide some makeup and tools for use, we encourage everyone to bring WHATEVER makeup and tools they have. Note! We DO NOT REQUIRE you to buy before the session! Save the shopping for after learning everything so you don't waste precious makeup, and of course money! :) Besides, you can also buy some goodies at our studio and store in Greenhills *shameless plug*

For Advanced, you are required to bring a model on both days. They don't have to be the same person, just note that you will be having a photoshoot on the 2nd day. 

9. What is the minimum age requirement?

We have had participants as young as 12. We do not recommend girls younger than 12 to attend because their young and pristine skin is too precious to be touched by anything yet. Either way, any participant younger than 18, requires a parental consent. So better yet, sign up with mom! :) 

10. I really do not have any knowledge about makeup. That's not really a question but is OFTEN a concern.

YOU'RE PERFECT FOR ANY MODULE. Makeup skills are not in born. They are developed. Come on now! You won't regret it ;) 

11. I've already joined many workshops. Can I still join?

Absolutely. As our chief artist always would say, "never stop learning!" There's no right or wrong with makeup so always have a curious mindset specially for makeup. Maybe after this session you would even say, "this is the best I've ever experienced!" Oh and yes not to brag, hundreds have already said so hihi :) 

12. Do I have to take Basic before Advanced? 

It's not a hard requirement, but it's suggested. There are terms and definitions that we introduce during basic that you might miss out if you haven't attended any workshop or classes in the past. But if you're confident to take Advanced right away, then that's already a good start! 

14. Do I have to pay for anything else? 

The balance from your registration fee must be settled on the day of your session. Aside from that, there are no additional fees!

We suggest though that you bring additional cash for product purchases. Yes we have makeup and tools for sale at the studio as well! 

15. Oops! Something came up and I can't attend my session! 

While we really would love to have you join our class, please note that the 50% downpayment is non refundable because slots are limited.  You can however send a friend who can take your place. She/he will have to settle your balance during the session. 

16. When is the next session? 

Basic Makeup: 

October 7, 14 or 21 | Doors open at 1:00pm 

Advanced Makeup: 

October 28 - 29 | Doors open at 9:00am 


If you're not available on these dates, kindly contact us to inquire about our weekday one on one sessions :) 


17. I'm convinced! How do I register? 

If you are not comfortable with the online registration system, you may contact us at 0917 1199737 and we'd gladly assist you with booking through SMS or calls. If you want a quick response, go ahead and follow these simple steps:  

a. Click on the button BOOK APPOINTMENT button below and choose your module and date. Provide the details being asked and submit! 

b. Wait for our SMS about the payment details. You should be receiving this not more than an hour after you booked online, unless you booked after our office hours (9am-6pm Monday to Saturday). You'll then receive our message first thing the next office day. 

c. Settle the confirmation deposit within 1 banking day. Please note that we will need this confirmation deposit to reserve your slot. Send us the proof of deposit with your name and booking reference no. through:

  • Viber or SMS: 0917 119 9737
  • email: or
  • Facebook page: PROs for Props

You're all set! Just wait for our reminders to be sent to you a few days before your session, and then of course, ENJOY!  


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